Music Theory

When you're learning to play or sing music from notation then you need to know the basics of music theory. I can teach you the very basics all the way up to degree level.
I teach the ABRSM music theory grades from 1 - 8. If you're doing grades with ABRSM and have taken Grade 5 on your instrument(s) then you need to take Grade 5 theory in order to progress.
Give me a call or email if you need some help. I quite enjoy doing theory. It's very strange.

GCSE, BTEC, AS & A-Level

It's easy to feel a bit lost or get a bit stuck. You might need a little more support. Give me a call if you need to extra assistance.


If you're composing for GCSE, BTEC or A-Level remember that your work has to be entirely your own and done in supervised conditions at school or college. What I can help you with is:
° How to compose a theme or leitmotif
° How to develop a melody
° Finding implied harmony
° Researching your influences
° Planning a storyboard
Please remember that I can not do your composition for you. I cannot help you structure your composition, that is what you do in school or college under supervised conditions. I will also keep a report of your work and communicate with your school or college should they request it.

Undergraduate Tuition

I am happy to give undergraduate students assistance with their studies. My specialist areas are:
° The Classic Blues
° Gender in Music
° Musical Analysis
° Harmony and Counterpoint
° Inclusion in Music Education