Students of all ages have done some very special things.

° Anna - G7 Musical Theatre - Distinction
° Lottie - G7 Musical Theatre - Distinction
° Brooke - G6 Musical Theatre - Distinction
° Kiera - G6 Musical Theatre - Distinction
° Izzy S - G5 Musical Theatre - Distinction
° Sidi - G2 Piano - Merit
° Deiya - G3 Piano - Distinction

° Kristina - G6 Musical Theatre - Distinction
° Nancy - G7 Musical Theatre - Distinction
° Sidi - G1 Piano - Pass
° Joel - G4 Musical Theatre - Merit
° Izzy S - G3 Musical Theatre - Distinction 98%
Both Joel and Izzy took their exam by recording each song and submitting the recordings. In the Covid-19 lockdown crisis, this was a new way of examining and both of them took really well to it.

2019: The Year of Win! I don't know where to start. At the beginning, I guess.
° Hubert - G3 Piano - Distinction
° Joel - G3 Musical Theatre - Merit
° Izzy T - G3 Piano - Merit
° Jessie - G5 Musical Theatre - Distinction
° Kristina - G5 Musical Theatre - Distinction 97%!
° Nancy - G6 Musical Theatre - Distinction 97%!
° Charlie - G8 Musical Theatre - Merit. After three years together Charlie has left. She is now at university studying lingustics in Nottingham.

° Hubert - G2 Piano - Merit
° Nancy - G5 Musical Theatre - Merit
° Charlie - G6 Musical Theatre - Distinction
° Jessie - G4 Musical Theatre - Distinction

2017: Three students acheived Distinction in their practical exams in 2017. Amazing, right?!
° Lucy took Musical Theatre Grade 8, and her success helped her gain a place at Bird College of Dance, Music & Theatre Performance.
° Kim did his Piano Grade 8 and has gone onto Imperial University to study medicine.
° Charlie took Musical Theatre Grade 5. She started her A-Levels in September, and she's still with me and we're working towards her grade 6.

Some extracts from 2016 and earlier
° Emily successfully passed her Musical Theatre Grade 7 exam with 99%. Now she is at university at King's College London. She has performed in several roles including The Baker's Wife in Into The Woods, Mabel Washington in Fame, and Mother Abbess in The Sound of Music.
° Guitarist Steve Lowis came for piano lessons to gain a working knowledge of the piano and to increase his knowledge of music theory. Steve is an accomplished singer-songwriter performing across the south of England.
° Students Gavin, Jasmine, Alena, and Anna all achieved distinction in Grade 5 theory.
° Pianist and singer Ian can now be heard gracing the pubs on the Isle of Wight with his lovely jazz performances.

If you visit the Carrie Laythorpe YouTube channel there are videos of students performing. The repertoire is eclectic and the performances are enjoyable.