Singing Lessons

You like singing, right? That's why you're here, yes? If you don't like singing but you're on this page it's because you can't admit to yourself that you like singing and that you don't like the sound of your own voice, correct? FYI: Some professional singers don't like the sound of their own voice. I know people with beautiful voices who don't like hearing themselves.

You will make a steady progression as your learning is specific for your own needs. You can also do grades in singing or music theatre if you wish.

A one-to-one lesson consists of:
° A vocal warm up and exercises suitable for your current needs.
° Learning your pieces.
° Technical exercises which relate to the pieces you are singing.

Voice Coaching

Working safely on your speaking voice

If you are finding issues with your speaking voice, for example you want to project without hurting yourself, or you would like to speak with more expression, clarity, and resonance. You may be an actor who needs help with characterisation, or vocal timbre. I am happy to help you with simple exercises for you to improve your voice and boost your confidence.

Estill Voice Training

Everyone has a beautiful voice … you just have to know how to use it
– Jo Estill

I have trained with the UK's leading expert in Estill Voice Training (EVT) and I use the Estill principles in my lessons. EVT enables us to improve our voices including singing higher, brighter, speaking with confidence, to project with a free and relaxed voice, to name a few. With EVT we can make a seemingly intangible instrument become tangible by learning about aspects of our vocal mechanism and how to isolate them.

Belting, Contemporary Legit, Twang, Mix-voice, and other high-intensity vocal sounds can be produced safely using the EVT method.


Classical, Pop, Jazz & Blues, and Musical Theatre

In my life I have engaged with, studied, and performed many different styles of music. I have years of experience as a MT performer and I pass on my expert knowledge to enable clients to develop their talents in this varied genre. While I specialise in Musical Theatre and CCM (Pop) I have worked with many classical singers; I was one myself. Singing students have sung songs by Fauré, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Rihanna, and everything else in between. And Disney. You can't forget Disney.

I coach students to do their grades in Music Theatre and Popular Vocals through the London College of Music (LCME) and Trinity. These exams focus on musical ability and also on performance ability. This is about being able to present the song in character, not dancing around as if you're in Fame.

If there's something you're longing to sing then get in touch and we can book your first lesson.

Piano Lessons

Some of my singing students take piano lessons as well as it compliments learning songs. Students either have a 1-hour lesson which is divided into 30 minutes singing and 30 minutes piano, or 30 minute lesson alternating weeks between singing and piano.

I am sorry to say that I am no longer teaching piano as a single subject.