Nice things people have said.

Carrie's combination of warmth, professionalism and sheer teaching talent has changed my daughter’s voice from a quite nice sound into something that still surprises me when she gives us a chance to listen, ... and through this, she has brought a new confidence and joy into [my daughter's] life.
Rachel Cooper

Carrie is an amazing teacher. Personable, friendly and INSANELY knowledgeable, she is bursting with all kinds of tips 'n' tricks that have really improved my singing. I was scared when I went to my first lesson but Carrie put me immediately at ease and we were soon laughing (and singing) together. Who knew learning could be such fun?! My confidence about my voice (in particular my range) has gone through the roof and Carrie's entirely responsible for that. She is PROPER amazing. Thank you Carrie for being brilliant!
Lotte Lane

Caroline has a sharp musical mind and broad musical tastes. This enables her to relate effectively with students regardless of their level of musical ability or their musical preferences. She is enthusiastic and committed and has frequently gone 'beyond expectations' with my daughter in supporting her musical development.
Val Anderson

I started taking piano lessons from Carrie when I was about 11, and I never looked back. Not only are her lessons fun and individually designed for you, you get so much out of them with really helpful ideas on how to progress for the next lesson.
When I was 15 my focus changed to singing and I decided to go to college to study music. Carrie helped me with my Grade 5 theory and audition pieces, and we chose songs I loved and suited my ability. The only reason I left Carrie was to go to King's University in London to study music, which would never have happened without Carrie's tutoring.
If you are searching for a piano, vocal or theory teacher, I highly suggest your search to be over.
Emily Louise